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Main features

Status :     Association
Etablished :     1989
Members :    
  • Région Rhône-Alpes (regional council)
  • Pôle Métropolitain (formed by 4 urban districts : Lyon, St-Etienne, Vienne, and Porte de l’Isère)
  • Départements Ain, Isère, Loire and Rhône (departmental councils)
  • Urban districts Villefranche-sur-Saône, Roanne, and Bourg-en-Bresse.
Chairmanship :    Région Urbaine de Lyon is jointly chaired by Région Rhône-Alpes President Jean-Jack Queyranne and Pôle Métropolitain President Gérard Collomb. The co- presidents’ representative is Jean-Paul Bret.
Staff :        4 persons
Budget    :    € 553 500 (2014)

Objectives and working practices

The RUL provides a meeting, debating and a decision-making forum for local and regional authorities with regard to any issue requiring a consistent and coordinated approach, regardless of administrative boundaries. It encompasses various fields such as logistics, freight transport, tourism, culture, economic intelligence, or public transport.

Région Urbaine de Lyon is a think tank as well as a project incubator. Its objectives include :
  • Investigating new subjects and looking ahead at social and economic trends in order to prepare tomorrow’s actions. Forward planning study ‘Cap sur 2030’ is part of this prospective work.
  • Defining common strategies to ensure a consistent approach of subjects that need to be dealt with jointly. This is the case with logistics and freight transport for instance.
  • Incubating projects that embody the abovementioned strategies. Région Urbaine de Lyon gave birth to collaborative projects such as Tourisme métropolitain, MétroPôle Images and Patrimoine 21.
  • Leading the working groups in charge of managing actions that ensue from the abovementioned projects (like Utopies Réalisées and OMPREL).

Région Urbaine de Lyon is able to tackle a wide range of subjects and to initiate cooperations with different partners.